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BRIXTON-Mens Wear with a kick

BRIXTON-Mens Wear with a kick

“Inspired by music, culture, and the people who surround them, Brixton is the collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products.

Created in 2004, the timeless and clean design of the Brixton collection is hard to duplicate and comes in a variety of modern yet traditional styles. Each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing you a high quality and limited product that you’ll want to hold onto forever.”


HOW-TO properly submit a SPONSOR ME tape.










With the MASSIVE amount of “sponsor me” tapes coming down the tube… I thought, to be the nice guy, we would give you a “1 up” advantage. Here are some points that should be addressed (or not addressed) in every and all sponsor me tapes sent out. So if your lookin’ to get picked up, by us or someone else… Make sure you are out to impress… (this is not saying anything of videos currently received)


What NOT to Do When Making a Sponsor Me Tape

1. Send It Out Before You’re Ready
– One of the biggest mistakes you can make is sending out your video too early. There is nothing wrong with getting footy out there, but when skateboard companies or team managers get heaping amount of videos and links daily.. how can you stand out from the rest? Make sure, even if your a young gun, you’ve got the basics down. Don’t constantly send clip after clip. Make a part! Do your research as to how long it should be!

2. Have Your Dad, Mom or Family Film You
– Nothing is wrong with getting your fam-jam to help you out. But if your bro or father can’t grip it and rip it, filming can get sketchy. It can make your video look choppy or not taken care of! Make sure that you know someone who has either filmed skateboarding before or has experience with cameras! Worst comes to worst, use a tripod. Watch videos people!

3. Put In ALL Your Footage
– Another issue people have is throwing in EVERY last trick you’ve landed. The last thing sponsors want to do is pick through 30 videos or twenty minutes of footage! Make sure when you put your video together that it showcases your BEST stuff. Not ALL of it.

4. Go CRAZY With Effects
– DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT go crazy with effects. Fades/Transitions are classed as fine (stay away anyway), but when things are magically exploding everywhere, the burn effect, filters, and anything else that reminds you of the old Windows Movie Maker days is a no go. Keep things simple. No effects, no filters. Just skating.

5. Throw in Something NOT Related to Skateboarding
– As much as everyone loves to watch hijynx, Jackass or CKY… shot-gunning a beer, ripping your shirt, or getting mad at a no-land is also a no go. This isn`t some Hollywood movie or skate part.. this is how your going to get noticed. KEEP IT CLASSY!

6. Set Everything to a Bad-Ass Tune
– Honestly.. Your skating can go well with a beat, we get it. But the best footage is RAW footage. Stay away from the Jamiroquai until you get on the team you like. Songs are for skate parts, not for sponsor tapes.

7. Wear ONLY Competitor’s Products
– It is OK to wear whatever you like when skating. But if your out to impress, companies look for people who suit their “look” or “attitude”.
So if your sending out your video to a local shop, make sure that West 49 shirt is still hanging in the closet gathering dust. Wear what you want to be sponsored by! REPRESENT! That’s another trait we keep our eyes open for!

8. Include ONLY Skatepark Footage
– Park footy is fine… But every sponsor or team always looks for diversity. Most companies aren’t going to be too keen on sponsoring skaters that only skate the park. Your sponsor me video is your chance to showcase your skills and companies want to see that you’re comfortable on a wide range of obstacles. Mix the park footage in with ample amounts of street skating (and not just handrails and stair sets). Better yet, show them that you can skate on rough, crappy terrain as well as silky smooth poured concrete and buttery ledges.


Stocking Stuffers

Click pictures below to have a better look!

Give Back This Christmas

New RDS Snowboards and Gear!!


Movember Is Here!

We have the latest in swim wear!

We have a huge selection of Bikini’s from Billabong, Volcom, Roxy, & RDS.  We have any style for you, from Halter to Bandeau, strapless to thin and thick strapped.  Finish off your look with boardshorts in a variety of colours and styles also from Billabong, Volcom, Roxy, & RDS.
We have you covered at Bliss For Girls!

Check Out Our Swag! The B-house Bunch!

At The Boarding House we have goggles for all shapes and sizes, from Spy to Dragon,

 Oakley to Electric and Anon we have your peepers protected! We have knowledable

 sales staff that can make sure the fit perfectly for when you hit the mountains this

season! And who better to help you then The B-house Bunch!!

Ride assured with the high-end protection of Ride’s lightweight in-mold helmet featuring easily adjustable vents and detachable ear pads with the 2012 Ride Ninja helmet.  And you won’t miss a beat as you shred to your favorite tunes utilizing the High End Ride Audio Kit with phone answering capabilities.

We just got in some steezy new Nixon iPad covers in a variety of colours!
Watches in photo: mens Chrono Seafoam(649.99), Rubber Player (199.99), 51-30 Chrono(599.99), Banks Leather (299.99), 42-20 (599.99). And womens Cougar (169.99), Superior (169.99), Chalet(250.99), Small Player (274.99)

Suddenly, and without warning, the DC women’s Chalet Boot will kick down your closet door an demand that you take it to a raging party!!!

Snowboard Team


Here’s the deal:

We want your coolest trick caught on video to get you on our team!

Video clips must be no more than 30 minutes max

Facebook gets to vote

Deadline to send in your videos is December 15th
Facebook will have 2 weeks to vote winners will be announced on January 2nd!

Email them to


bring them on cd to our new location at

#2-2010 Strachan RD SE




Check Out Open Air!!

Episode 1: Holland to Colorado… The start of the season.
This first episode starts with Cheryl in the town where she grew up in Holland and shows how she started snowboarding in a country with no mountains and little snow. We then follow her to Colorado as she gets back on the snow and ready for an epic winter ahead.

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