Walk A Mile In Her Shoes…

We are so proud to be supporting this event again in our city. This is the 7th Annual walk in the city and it will be held June 4th in part of the Medicine Hat Spectrum Festival.


“Have you ever heard the saying, “you never know a person’s story until you have walked a mile in their shoes?” The Southeastern Alberta Sexual Assault Response Committee (SARC) is organizing the 7th annual international men’s march “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”
This event literally asks men to walk a mile in women’s high-heeled shoes to show their support to end sexual assault and sexual abuse. This march is a fun opportunity to get people talking and for men to educate the community about the very serious subject and impact of this issue.
Sexual assault and sexual abuse are not just women’s issues; they are community issues. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will experience sexual assault and/or sexual abuse in their lifetime, often before the age of 18 and may continue to be victimized in adulthood without the opportunity for support and intervention. Now is a critical time to open the discussion surrounding sexual assault and sexual abuse within our community. By creating community awareness of the issue we are also creating a community that is supportive to the individuals impacted.”
-Walk A Mile-

You can register for the event here:


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