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Wakesurfing has taken the wakeboard industry by storm and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Wakesurfing has existed in some form for just as long as, if not longer than wakeboarding but in recent years it has evolved into a sport all its own. Each summer the sport grows in huge ways seeing more contests, stronger support from wakesurf and board companies, and new participants all helping to build the sport of Wakesurfing. Not only is it a great way to wind-down from a long day of wakeboarding, it can also make an awesome afternoon on the water entirely on its own. Get out this summer and tearing up your own inland waves. Stop in and chat with us to get the right for your first day of wakesurfing. Support your local shop!

Wakeboarding is growing sport in the prairies.  A sport this new, spawns a  tight knit groups of riders.  Here at the shop, we encourage riders of all levels to unite.  This helps the sport grow, and helps raise the level of riding.  With both, Coaches and riders on staff. We are learning some days, and teaching others, riding as much as we can. One of the biggest obstacles of wakeboarding is not having a boat. We have one, and for basically gas money, we will get you riding.  Or if you have been riding and want to throw down some fresh game, we can help.  We are working with leading wakeboard companies to stay on top of what is happening in the always changing sport. Early mornings on the lake, until the sun goes down. Summer is short, go ride!

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