Boarding House History

The Boarding House and Bliss has been around since 1995, where it all began in a cozy little shop on Kingsway Ave. It wasn’t too long before we outgrew the mini BH and made our home in a new location on Dunmore Road. We have grown again and now made a new move to Strachan Road, and are located next to Cyclepath across from Sobeys and Walmart!

At the Boarding House we have been dedicated to snowboarding for more than ten years, traveling, riding and learning. From factory tours to on snow demos, we know the equipment — from what it is made of, to how it rides. We don’t know anything about skis, nor do we profess to. We are not skiers so we don’t sell them. We are focused on snowboarding. Through team testing and sponsors our team gets to know the products. We have an extensive feedback program, through we are able to learn about equipment both on and off the snow. We are constantly searching for new brands, new riders and new places to ride. So, whether you are a seasoned veteran of winter or a bright-eyed Newbie, our no pressure environment and highly knowledgeable team will get you what you need to protect you from the elements.

The Boarding House has been supporting the skateboard scene here in Medicine Hat since day one. We have watched the sport grow and evolve since the 80’s, from the days of old school, to the newest styles out there. We strive to do all that we can for the skateboard community by promoting the sport and local riders. With contests such as Beat The Heat, The DC Nationals, Park Jam and the Mad Dash tour we help to put Medicine Hat on the map.

We have a great selection of wakeboards, wake bindings, ropes, vests, ballast systems, rash guards, and board shorts. We have boards from hyperlite, liquid force, and Ronix. So if you are just starting out and need to know the basics or need a brand new pro model come and see us! We guarantee the lowest price in Canada.

I don’t want to use a cliche, like live and breathe, but
this is definitely a big part of who I am, said Boarding
House owner Scott Dent about his lifelong passion for
skateboarding and snowboarding.
It’s the adrenaline that Scott loves about the sports the
rush of the speed, the exhilaration when executing a trick.
So it was a natural progression when he opened up The
Boarding House in 1995 in the Hat originally at a cozy
location on South Railway, before moving to Dunmore
Road and finally settling into it’s new home last summer at
2010 Strachan Rd .
And it’s a passion that translates into enjoying coming in
to work every day.
I get excited about new products coming out, I get excited
to see new things every year, said Scott. I’m a dad now,
so I get excited to get my kids into the sport and they love
being a part of it too.
It’s this same enthusiasm he looks for in his staff.
We’re dedicated and passionate about the brands we carry,
about the sports, about the snowboarder, skater lifestyle,
he said.
With the Boarding House being open for 17 years, Scott
has also seen changes in the lifestyle and sport.
I’ve seen skateboarding and snowboarding grow into all
kinds of different kinds of skaters. We sell longboards
now, we sell old school, we sell regular skateboards. Even
a kickback to some of the old banana boards is coming
back as well.
It’s sort of neat, the sport is ever-changing. It’s evolving to
all kinds of skaters. It’s nice to see.
Meanwhile the technology coming forward for
snowboarding has really changed board design over the
last three years, including reverse camber boards that
have made snowboarding a lot easier for everybody pretty
The sport has also changed from mainly teenagers hitting
the slopes to it being a family sport.
Now, I’m a dad, said Scott, I notice there’s a lot of
younger dads taking their kids snowboarding. Older guys
are into it as well as the teenagers. Its nice to see the sport
grow demographic wise.
And as things keep changing, one of the latest trends is
stand-up paddleboarding a wider surfboard that people
stand up on and use a paddle to navigate the water.
It’s one of the fastest growing board sports in North
America now, said Scott.
It’s easier than surfing because you can paddle into the
waves, it’s a good cardio and full body work out that can
be done on any body of water. But then you can also
surf on it too, he added. In a land locked province you
can practice your surfing techniques until you hit the big


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