13 Ways to Ruin a Sled

Having a snowmobile is one of the necessary evils in snowboarding. It is needed to reach the vast powder fields, but it’s a fragile, fickle beast, always in need of maintenance and attention. For as many amazing shots that come out of the sled-accessed backcountry, there are more headaches created from the sleds. Jussi lines up 13 ways to quickly ruin a snowmobile, but there are certainly more than this.

  1. Not putting oil in.
  2. Crashing into a tree
  3. Tumble the sled down the hill
  4. Send it into a crevasse
  5. Send if off a cliff
  6. Get run over by an avalanche
  7. Hit a rock or stump under the snow
  8. The engine blows up
  9. The clutch fails
  10. Sled lights on fire
  11. It drops off your truck onto a freeway
  12. Attempt a river crossing or a lake and sink the sled
  13. Trying a back flip





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