In the French language, the word voleur means “light-fingered“ and “thief“. This is purely coincidental. A French dictionary, being very commonplace here in bilingual Canada, happened to randomly open on the page where the word voleur staked its claim. Had we known the profound impact this word would eventually have in our lives then perhaps we would have spent more time contemplating it‘s underlying connotations and meanings. But how could we change something that so perfectly represents a purely spontaneous action, something that speaks more about the founders than the word and its meanings ever could.

Don‘t be mistaken in thinking Voleurz is the product of two, three or four individuals. We are nothing without the people we‘ve surrounded ourselves with – past, present and future. To mention all these people would produce a list too long to be expected to read in its entirety (Actually there’s a pretty good one). At the risk of sounding cliche – you know who you are.

Although Voleurz didn‘t officially conspire to become incorporated until 2007, its origins begin circa 2003 when two of the founding members, Darren Rayner and Bruce Giovando, attended the University of Victoria. Living just doors apart in what was dubbed the “Cement Ghetto“, their shared interest for the mountains would be the catalyst for Voleurz

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