Stand Up Paddle Rentals


$40 A DAY

$200 WEEK

Rental Registration & Cancellation Policy:

  • – Full payment is due by Visa or MasterCard to reserve rental equipment.
  • – We will only rent to adults.
  • – At the time of pick-up, the renter must be present to sign the waiver, and to present their driver’s license and their credit card which was used to reserve the gear.
  • – If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, we retain the first day’s rental fee as a non-refundable deposit. Please be sure of the dates before you commit to a rental!

We are thrilled to reserve some of our rental gear for you, provided you are committed to take the gear during the time you booked. We bill you the full amount at registration so you don’t need to mess with payment on the day of the rental – we know you really just want to get out paddling! It also separates the committed from the rest.

We only rent to adults, because only adults can legally sign our industry-standard waiver.

Insisting that the renter sign the waiver in person and present their credit card and driver’s license is for your protection and ours. Some thieves rent gear over the phone with a stolen credit card, pick it up at the appointed time and disappear. By the time it is uncovered that the credit card is stolen, the thief and gear are long gone and your credit card has been charged, possibly harming your credit rating.

The signature on the waiver, the credit card and driver’s license all need to belong to the same person – that person agrees to take responsibility for the gear, and guarantees it with their credit card.

After we reserve gear for you for a specific day, we have likely had to say “sorry, it is taken” to others – our popular gear is in strong demand. If you skip your reservation (or move it to another date) we have lost the opportunity to allow someone else to use the gear that day. Also, a significant portion of our cost-to-rent is in the process of booking a reservation. We keep the first day’s rental fee as compensation and we accept the risk that we may or may not be able to rent it to someone else for the remainder of your rental period. That’s more than fair.

If you return gear late, we charge double the daily rent! If you return gear late it can ruin the next customer’s day, or even their entire vacation! We charge double to create a disincentive to being late. If, in the midst of a rental, you decide you want to keep the gear longer, just give us a call. If we can extend the rental period, we will gladly do so. But if someone else has booked that gear, and we cannot switch things around, then you need to bring it back on time. That’s fair

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