The Boarding House Presents: Hidden Valley Big Air and Slush Cup.

Myself, riding up the chair with Team Rider, Ryder Petrick


The Boarding House Presents:

Hidden Valley Big Air and Slush Cup.




This past Sunday, the whole Boarding House Crew was out at Hidden Valley again, for the annual end of season Event. This Event/Party has been a big part of our history. We have been supporting it since the Boarding House opened, over twenty years ago. It was a great event, there was costumes, music, a tonne of great prizes. The weather and snow conditions held out to the last possible moment. We had just enough snow to put up a mini booter, and a selection of rails right on the main run. This allowed spectators and competitors the chance to immerse themselves in the event. After the Park Jam was done, we transitioned into the Slush Cup. This is where the crazy costumes, hats, one piece suits and mostly people in their long underwear, come out to see if they can make the distance without getting wet. This event is bittersweet in many ways, Hidden Valley had a Season of many “firsts” as they transitioned ownership and, snow conditions and weather were a huge challenge this year. There was a lot of hard work put in by the Hidden Valley Staff, The Boarding House Staff, Friends and volunteers. So I’m sure there is the “I’m glad it’s over “feeling. But on the last day of the season, at the Big Air and Slush cup Event, I could see the other side of it too. There was definitely many of us that didn’t want the season to end. We met some new friends, volunteers, we also saw some old friends come out of the woodwork. We spent some time, in the sun after the hill was closed on Sunday, dreaming of how we can make it even better next year. The Boarding House Crew, and the Hidden Valley Crew are going to take our collective knowledge of the Snow Sports Industries, and make things happen.  Yes, there will be some suspense over the summer, but we hope we have you praying for snow by October. We are going to make next season the best season in a long time. In the shortest season in many years, we sponsored 5 contests at hidden Valley. We came out and helped make the Alberta winter games an amazing event this year. And on the final day, we came out and rocked ‘The Valley! Stay tuned…. We have a lot of new things going on this summer. (Stand up paddling, kayaking, wake surfing, wake boarding, skateboarding, custom motorcycle show.) We wouldn’t want you to get bored waiting for the snow to come back.


We are committed,


And the whole crew at The Boarding House.


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