We Are Community

The Boarding House is not just your average skate shop!

 We believe in giving back to our community! We love supporting many local charities and events.

 We are strong supporters of the

 Medicine Hat Skate Association (MHSA),

 Skate School

Beat the Heat

and many other non profit organiztions


April 2012

The MHSA went down to Mexico to build homes for the homeless! This is what makes The Boarding House proud to be a part of the skateboard community! They were even able to have Chad Tim Tim help them out! While they were down there they got to help one family.  It looks like they made quite an impact.

Through our combined efforts we were able raise $266 for  SARCs event “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes“. Scott walked the mile in heals with his son, he knows now how hard heals are to walk in for woman. Complaints of sore calf muscles and feet were heard at the shop after the walk by Scott. So next time you see a lady in heals think twice. Thanks for all your support!


With help from locals The Boarding House raised $2600 for The Medicine Hat Food Bank! We thought it would be awesome to raise and donate to people who are in need this Christmas! with out your help we couldnt have gone this far! Thank you for your donation and help!!

The Boarding House proudly donated a full skateboard to the Annual Santa Clause Toy Run!

We sponsored a soccer team this year as well!! We love the jerseys!


We Are Community

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